What its Like To Be A Bodyguard!

One of the highly demanding yet less competitive of jobs which places emphasis on the physical strengths as well as military and weapons training is that of a bodyguards. Although this job category has not been projected anywhere what it deserved, of late it has come to be regarded as a highly paying position because of the virtue of its importance. Come to think of it; the less glamour it attracts has not reduced the alertness required to execute the job with. The margin for error is nil as you are required to execute your duty at the best or not at all.

You Want To Become A Bodyguard?

This job is unlike other security watchmans jobs. The important person, whose life you are guarding, totally trusts you because the question of his or her life depends entirely on you. Your alertness and integrity and the sense of dedication must be of highest degree. Still, there are more traits of equal importance, this job calls for.

1.high degree of duty consciousness
2.fearlessness and courage to fight back
3.expertise in hand to hand combat technique and firearms usage
4.strong eye for suspicious people and movements
5.unmindful of 9-5 type work hours

Above all, if you are satisfied by the sense of safeguarding the person, you are a perfect match.

Who Can Be A Bodyguard?

Bodyguards job requires that you are physically fit and agile like a soldier. You must be at least high school educated before you can plan for this job.

Since the beginning of year 1997, the law requires active duty peace officers who like to work as armed security guards or as armed contract PIs, to possess a guard registration, or a PI license in addition to having the mandatory exposed firearm permit issued by The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, BSIS.

What about private individuals who want to work as bodyguards? The law is same for all as the duty remains the same.


There are some best run independent training institutes across the country. They teach a wide variety of skills and techniques required by a bodyguard. In addition, the training institutes train you in covert and combat operations, search & building clearing techniques, hostage rescue etc.

Saving a VIPs life is no mean job. If you saved a VIP, you saved a disaster from happening. And of course you would be duly rewarded for it. Afterall, who told you that this is a deskbound job!

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